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The pitfalls of using free website builders for boutique businesses

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The pitfalls of using free website builders for any business are numerous, but of particular consequence is their use in boutique businesses. Sites made from uninspired templates lack customisation and, dare we say it, soul. If you've ever looked at a site and thought, "Gee, I feel like I have seen this exact style and layout a dozen times or more", you're not alone.

While not always bad aesthetically speaking, the overuse of generic themes and templates in free website builders is particularly bad for boutique businesses trying to make their mark. If you've ever tried a free website builder (or something similar), you might find that there is not the same level of engagement that you were expecting from your customers. These free sites can make it difficult to imprint your unique brand onto your website, meaning you end up making concessions to your identity and marketing in favour of economy. They can also be bland, formulaic and uninspired, so there's nothing about them that stands out and is tailored to your particular customers and making your site interesting to visit time and time again.

A boutique business should be daring and bold, with a level of class and sophistication that matches the finesse and personalisation that you offer your clients. Canberra Web consists of a specialised team of Canberra-based web designers, whose sole aim is to provide excellent customer satisfaction by building and maintaining high-quality websites. But more than this, we want to provide a unique web experience that is carefully tailored to your business's every need – right down to the very last pixel. Additionally, the level of SEO and digital marketing that we offer is unbeatable. Plus, we develop our eCommerce sites in Magento, Open Cart, Mojo Shop, and Woo Commerce, which means you will be getting a premium web store that will give your clients a breezy checkout that is safe, efficient, and enjoyable.

Aside from the aforementioned services that we offer, we also have a stellar graphic design team as well as content-creation team, which means we can ensure that your entire company's website is superbly designed from the ground up – without the hassle of dealing with remote designers from overseas (or worse: inflexible templates). If you're looking for bespoke web design in Canberra where you can actually meet your designers face-to-face, contact us at Canberra Web today.

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