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7 things to exclude from your web design

exclude from your web design

Your website can be great for a thousand other reasons, but if there is something about it that is instantly annoying, that could be a crucial lost customer.

You put in a lot of effort so that your site is opened up in a new tab, so here are some fundamental reasons to consider why visitors may decide to press that little 'x' within that all-important first 30 seconds:

  1. Sound
    In short, if your website loads with automatically playing music - disable it immediately. You may love it, but millions of your potential customers don't. And if it's not actually built in to your design, ensure that the ads on your site aren't doing the annoying on your behalf with infuriating music, sounds and babbling.

  2. Popups
    The enormous success of popup ad blockers shows just how much internet dwellers hate them.

  3. Interstitials
    If you haven't heard of them, then you at least know what they are. Interstitials are an intermediate page between the link you clicked, and where you actually want to go. So again, why risk infuriating and frustrating your customer when all they want to do is see your site?

  4. Pagination
    Another unfamiliar term, but you undoubtedly know what it is when you see it. This is the sort of web feature that forces browsers to keep clicking 'next' in content to increase page impressions, but it also tempts busy users to give up before they find what they really want.

  5. Load times
    In this world of ever improving internet speeds, web users are unforgiving if your site is slow and unwieldy when it comes to loading. If a big chunk of your browsers could leave within 30 seconds, why waste a precious few by leaving them staring frustratingly at a blank screen?

  6. Navigation
    It's not just that your customers want to find what they want quickly and easily, they're simply unforgiving if you make them look too hard. So never make your navigation dependant on something that is usually complex and unreliable, like Flash.

  7. Missing information
    Arguably even worse than poor navigation is missing information. For example, if all a potential customer wants to know is price, and you've decided to leave that crucial information out for whatever reason, that could be a potential customer who is diligently doing their homework lost forever.

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