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Why is having a user-friendly website so important?

user-friendly website

You are probably aware that having a company website is crucial to marketing your business online, so your target market can see the services or products you supply. But ensuring that it's responsive and user-friendly for your customers accessing your site from any device is also vital to keeping them happy and for you ranking higher in search results.

When referring to a site being user-friendly, it means that users can find the information they need quickly and easily. To ensure your site design is user-friendly, there are some important elements you need to take into consideration, such as being mobile optimised, easy to navigate and quick to load.

Mobile optimised

You may have opened up a website on your mobile phone or tablet to find it doesn't configure correctly on the screen of your device. If this occurs, it's an obvious indication that the website is not mobile optimised.

Responsive websites adjust to fit the screen of the portable device they are being viewed on, without having to scroll for content that is hanging off the edge of pages. This is important because mobile devices are now the preferred way to view websites, so much so that Google is soon set to rank their search results based on mobile-friendly websites.

Mobile optimised sites have been carefully designed and coded to deliver a seamless user experience when accessed on any mobile device, such as a notepad, smartphone, iPad or tablet. But it's also important to have a website design that does not degrade the desktop experience at the same time.

Ease of navigation

When you have a website designed, make sure that the navigation panel and pages can be navigated quickly and easily. As consumers have busy lifestyles, if they can't find the information they are after on your website simply and easily, they will go elsewhere, causing you to miss out on business.

Rapid loading speeds

If you have a website that takes a long time to load, it may result in your site having a high bounce rate, which means visitors leaving after only viewing one page. If a website doesn't load within a matter of seconds, many customers will go elsewhere, causing frustration to your online customer and impacting your visits and sales.

These are just some of the many elements that you need to be aware of when having a website built. If you're looking for superior web design in Canberra, contact the experts at Canberra Web today.

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