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4 hot web design trends of 2018-19

No, trends are not just for the fashion world and catwalk - they're important in any industry. Put simply, keeping up with current trends is like surfing: stay on top of them, and you're riding a great wave with your customers. Lag behind, and business races ahead while you're bobbing aimlessly in the water.

Here at Canberra Web, we are right on the cutting edge of the hottest web design Canberra can offer - so let's tell you about four web development trends we've identified in 2018 that you can't afford to not know as we head towards the new year:

  1. Responsive designs
    There was a time when a website was a website and you could get away with marking it as optimised for a certain platform. But those days are over; your customers are spread across a huge number of platforms, including desktop, phone, tablet and all the different iterations of them. This is what a responsive web design is all about: making your site work with what users are using today, and getting it ready for the platforms of the next generation.

  2. Hamburger menus
    No, our stomachs are not grumbling: the hamburger menu is that now-familiar three-line symbol that allows you to simplify your pages by packing away the menu, avoid clutter in your navigation and clear screen space for your content. Particularly useful in the small-screen world of mobile browsing, the hamburger menu is also being seen in desktop versions as users become more familiar with how this sleek feature works - just make sure it's obvious enough to spot so that your users don't miss your site's all-important navigation.

  3. Ghost buttons
    "Who you gonna call?" That's right: the ghost button is that transparent, normally rectangular button that, while subtle, really grabs the user's attention and looks great particularly when layered on a high-quality photo background.

  4. Hero images
    Put simply, a beautiful and prominent HD hero image can make your site design look professional and really encapsulate the essence of your brand. It's basically a big header image or photo, but designers are also getting more creative by making those heroes vector backgrounds, illustrated artworks and even video. But it's important that the hero image does not come at a great cost to site loading time.

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