DIY vs Proffesionals

9 reasons to skip a DIY site builder

diy or pro

Quite simply, if you have a great business, you need a great website. These days, the world is all about the internet, you only get one shot at making a first impression, and stats show that customers can write off your online presence - and therefore your business - within a few mere seconds of clicking in.

The good news for businesses is that getting online is not difficult or expensive. But that doesn't mean you should go for the easiest option.

What's the easy option?

Yes, we're talking about DIY site builders.

As the name suggests, a DIY site builder is a home job. Without knowing how to write code or go to a pro, you can get online. But we think that's a very bad idea. Let's tell you why:

  1. Flash
    Many DIY sites prominently feature Flash technology - which Google doesn't like to list. And, let's face it, your customers are busily Googling.

  2. Simple
    Simple is good, but too simple means there is less for Google to crawl and index. And that means less traffic and conversions.

  3. Google
    Again with Google, but we can't over-emphasise its importance. Getting in those listings is not as easy as it seems, and a DIY site is just not maximising your chances.

  4. Analytics
    Analytics give site admins a clear picture of how a website is performing, and the DIY options offer only limited technology in this area.

  5. The look
    You might think your DIY site looks good, but be honest and compare it with some of the best in the business. Do you still think it's the best look for your business?

  6. Mobile friendly
    As time goes on, more and more people are switching off their laptops and using only their mobiles. But most DIY site builders are based on desktop designs that do not necessarily look or work efficiently in the palm of your customers' hands.

  7. Uniqueness
    Maybe you really have found a great look for your DIY site among the template options. But how many other dozens or hundreds of other sites look almost exactly the same?

  8. Professionalism
    Most DIY site builders will want to show the world that they helped you get online. But do you really want to tell the world that you went for the cheapest and easiest option?

  9. Support
    Once your DIY site is online, you will be alone in the world once all those day-to-day website running issues start to crop up. But getting a pro to build your site means you will have someone to turn to.

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