Four pillars of presenting your website

The how and why, where and when, of your website

where why

Our web design team here in Canberra like to talk to our clients about these four areas. Each has a degree of importance in how a web presence should be presented, and these may vary both for different businesses and organisations, or throughout the year. It's worth thinking about each for your own web design...


Your potential customers are likely to use different hardware to access your site. Apart from the traditional laptop or desktop, you can now add smart TVs, tablets, and mobile phones. It's important that, for each option, your website looks and operates in a friendly and welcoming way. There are still too many around that are OK for computers but simply fail to function adequately across the more recent access options.


Each person who accesses your site is doing so for their own specific reason. It's important that they quickly realise that such reasons will be dealt with - whether these concern products or services, making purchases or receiving information. Effective web design should always pay attention to the range of needs or wants that the business will be meeting for customers, and constantly talk to these in both design and content.


Some web design projects we undertake are for businesses who operate solely in Canberra and nearby; others can range across the country and beyond. Knowing the area your customers are to be found allows you to talk to them in relevant terms. For example, providing garden maintenance services for Canberra can invite content about specific districts and suburbs; this would make little sense to most site visitors if you were selling furniture online to customers right across Australia.


Your services might be appropriate only to specific times of any day or week, month or season. Your products might have clear seasonal sales peaks, or parts of your range could be appropriate at different times. It's important to make sure your web presence is up-to-date. It's still possible to find some sites offering season's greetings in February, or still talking about Valentine's Day in April!

Appreciating the how, why, where and when reasons for your web presence helps keep it of-its-time and fully responsive. If you'd like to talk to our Canberra Web team about any of these areas and its affect on your website responsiveness, please call us now on 02 6223 2222.

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