Essential Wordpress Plugins

3 WordPress plugins we love

So, you have your website all set up and hopefully your visitors are flocking to view your content and purchase from your site. You're getting some great leads and working hard to convert them into customers. If you're not, then your web design may be failing you. But, if you are reaping the rewards of your WordPress design but want to reach for the stars, what's next? 

The World Wide Web is miraculous and the opportunities available to you to enhance your own presence on it are endless. There are a number of tools that can assist you to push the limits of your website and ultimately increase the usability and functionality of your site for your customers. Here's three we think you should try!

1. Zopim Chat

This plugin allows you to chat in real time with visitors on your site! Zopim is one of the most popular online chat plugins for web designers in Canberra as it is cost-effective, provides real-time analytics about your customers and allows you to collect the details of your site visitors, even when you are not around to serve them.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast is an SEO plugin that can be used by those with little to no prior experience in website development. Yoast alerts you to any areas of your pages and posts that aren't effectively optimised for the greatest search traffic. It also has heaps of tutorials and online courses you can take to help improve your SEO expertise. 

3. StatPress

Finally, the most important aspect of your website should always be your ability to analyse your customers' movements, purchasing habits and favourite pages. StatPress is a WordPress plugin that collects information on search keywords, feeds, browsers and so much more about your customers to help you to use these insights and improve upon your ability to reach your prospective customer base. 

There's so much more that's left to explore in regards to WordPress design in Canberra. By implementing some of these for you, Canberra Web can help get you the ultimate return on your digital investment.


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