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Being fenced in by your own website

See the bigger picture, work outside the box.


There was a true story told on TV a while back about a farmer in the Midwest of America. He decided that he needed to build a fenced compound to corral his cattle when necessary. He drove his truck to the chosen spot, and spent the whole day carefully constructing the fence. It only had a small entrance and exit to help deal with the cattle one at a time. At the end of the day, he took a break and examined his superb new fence. That was when he discovered he'd built it around his truck!

You might wonder what this has to do with effective web design for your Canberra area business. The truth is that it proves how difficult it can be to see the bigger picture when working inside a company. If you were to write all your own web content, there is a real danger that it would be at your level of expertise, rather than that of your potential customers. This might be through the inadvertent use of too much jargon - the insider language and verbal shortcuts that every business employs.

It's also possible that, from inside the business, it can be difficult to appreciate the journey a stranger has to make through your website to the point of taking action. Just like driving to a well-known destination, you may end up taking shortcuts that someone new to the area simply wouldn't know about.

The third problem of insider working in web creation is that you can end up telling the world what you think they'd like to know; or worse, what you most want to tell them. You are rightly proud of your products or services. This can make it so easy to forget that new visitors to your website are there for their own needs and wants.

Identifying these people and their key reasons, clearly attracting them through proven SEO techniques, and then providing the content that tells them what they want to know and the action to take means it's vital to have an outsider's eye rather than simply an insider's knowledge.

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