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3 Steps to better SEO and content

3 Steps to make your website count in Canberra and beyond! 

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a big part of what we do here at CanberraWeb. So we thought we would take a moment to outline the broad strokes of how to achieve better rankings on search engines, and appear higher on the lists, becoming more likely to be visited.

Step 1: Create trusted material

With Google's updates to their algorithms, the importance of trust cannot be understated. To improve how trusted your site is, develop content that is relevant to your site's purpose, and embed links naturally and when necessary, as any excessive or unnatural links will be picked up and punished by Penguin. Focus on what you want to share with your reader, rather than on collecting more views.

Step 2: Create unique material

You have something to share that is valuable and unique. If you want to draw positive attention from web browsers and the good graces of Panda and Penguin, rely on your knowledge and skills. Rather than using unnatural links, keywords and duplicated text from your own site or other sites, be original.

Step 3: Create quality material

Quality over quantity in all things. Though Panda assesses hundreds of factors, its primary purpose is to establish a sense of the quality of your site. How it judges this is up to debate, but it is generally accepted that it looks down on excessive keywords and anchor text (words with a hyperlink attached), and large numbers of pages with thin content rather than in-depth material. Try to focus your web pages on sharing valuable information with your viewers. Hold their attention with the quality of your work. If you do, you will get them coming back for more and they will naturally link to your site, creating more trust in your website as a result. More quality leads to more trust, which leads to more views!

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