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When you are thinking about web design for your Canberra business it is tempting to take it into your own hands. Your business is your baby. You’re the one who’s been there from the beginning, you’ve been doing everything from answering the phones to processing the accounts from day one. Why shouldn’t you use a free website builder like WIX?

Well, there are so many reasons. Most important to remember is that you get what you pay for. So, what are you getting when you don’t pay? Here are the top three reasons you shouldn’t use WIX for your business website:

1 – WIX is free and easy

Now, these might sound like good things. But free and easy are not what you should be looking for in a website. WIX doesn’t know what your customers want, or what Google is looking for either.

WIX makes it easy to gloss over important website elements such as search engine optimisation. Google is interested in your page titles, your content and the structure of your site. WIX doesn’t tell you any of this nor makes it easy to edit the way Google sees (and therefore ranks) these parts of your website.

2 – Web design with Canberra Web will evolve and grow

Building a website isn’t supposed to be easy. Forget what WIX is telling you. Website building, digital marketing and website design are complex areas. They are also changing and evolving all the time. The way people use the internet changes over time. The way Google sorts and ranks content on the web changes daily.

Therefore, you need to work with a web design Canberra based business who can help you build an integrated and high performing site for today and one which will take your business into the future. Your relationship with your website builder should be an ongoing one. As your products change and your customers change so too should your website. A high-quality full-service web site builder like Canberra Web will also be monitoring how your website is ranking and how it’s being used. This allows them to make continuous adjustments to keep you at the top of your game, and your website at the top of search engine results.

3 – WIX isn’t a free website building platform

A WIX website is only free if you are happy to have their banner ad at the top of every page of your site. This takes up valuable space at the top of your web page which could be being used to promote your business and complement your branding. It also tells every visitor that you have scrimped on your website build and design. So where else are you cutting corners in your business?

The only way to get rid of the WIX banner ads is to sign up for a monthly payment plan. You also can’t add Google Analytics to a free WIX website. So something that seemed like a free and easy option isn’t free at all.

Launching Canberra Businesses

Web Design

Essentially the cogs that drive your website, web development deals with how your website works and how your users get things done.

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Arguably the most vital part of any website, Search Engine Optimisation ensures your website can be found on the search engines.

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Google Ads

Need to give a boost to your organic SEO efforts? SEM, Search Engine Marketing or Google Ads gives your products and services the kick they need.

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Web Hosting

With over 600+ companies hosting with us, we have the hardware and experience to ensure your website is in safe hands.

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Successful Landings

google rating 5 stars

  • Duncans Plumbing


    "Canberra Web upgraded our website to the latest responsive design and have increased our search rankings to the top of Google.
    Thanks Again for the great work."

    Jason Duncan

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  • Universal Tile Ventilators


    "The best decision we made was to engage Canberra Web. Canberra Web created exactly what we wanted for our website. They really listened to what we wanted and created an eye catching website which shows who we are and what we do. We had an marked increase in enquiries after updating. Canberra Web are also very knowledgeable with Search Engine Optimisation, rocketing our website to one of the top ranking in our field."

    Kevin Baker

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  • Happy Days Amusements


    "Our previous website was past its use by date, we needed to update. The way business is today you need to stay ahead of the rest. Canberra Web have certainly built us an excellent website making it very easy for our customers to use our services, getting increased results."


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  • Gungahlin Concrete


    "We needed a website that exhibited our professionalism in the Canberra region, Canberra Web has certainly done that. Thanks for the great job."


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  • Jester Coffee


    "We approached Canberra Web to develop an online shop. This website is working very well for us we would recommend them to anyone."


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  • Pevitole Constructions


    "Dear Canberra Web, Today I had my first enquiry from a customer, that found us via website. Great news and thanks."


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