Essential Wordpress Plugins

3 WordPress plugins we love

So, you have your website all set up and hopefully your visitors are flocking to view your content and purchase from your site. You're getting some great leads and working hard to convert them into customers. If you're not, then your web design may be failing you. But, if you are reaping the rewards of your WordPress design but want to reach for the stars, what's next? 

The World Wide Web is miraculous and the opportunities available to you to enhance your own presence on it are endless. There are a number of tools that can assist you to push the limits of your website and ultimately increase the usability and functionality of your site for your customers. Here's three we think you should try!

1. Zopim Chat

This plugin allows you to chat in real time with visitors on your site! Zopim is one of the most popular online chat plugins for web designers in Canberra as it is cost-effective, provides real-time analytics about your customers and allows you to collect the details of your site visitors, even when you are not around to serve them.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast is an SEO plugin that can be used by those with little to no prior experience in website development. Yoast alerts you to any areas of your pages and posts that aren't effectively optimised for the greatest search traffic. It also has heaps of tutorials and online courses you can take to help improve your SEO expertise. 

3. StatPress

Finally, the most important aspect of your website should always be your ability to analyse your customers' movements, purchasing habits and favourite pages. StatPress is a WordPress plugin that collects information on search keywords, feeds, browsers and so much more about your customers to help you to use these insights and improve upon your ability to reach your prospective customer base. 

There's so much more that's left to explore in regards to WordPress design in Canberra. By implementing some of these for you, Canberra Web can help get you the ultimate return on your digital investment.


What to consider when designing a website

5 important considerations when getting a new website designed

Creating a new website for your business can be exciting, but it is easy to get carried away thinking about every small design detail. There are some basic considerations you need to think carefully about before you brief the designer on what it is you want.

We've explained some of these important considerations below and we hope they’ll help you get the ball rolling on the perfect new design for your company's website.

1. What's reason behind the website?

This might seem obvious, but it is the core consideration for any company’s website and it’s important to portray this purpose clearly to all your website’s visitors. Do you want to get more business through the website? Are you trying to relay important information? Or are you simply trying to entertain an audience? Once you have clearly outlined the needs of your website, you will be able to clearly consider its new and effective design.

2. How do you plan on communicating with your audience?

For nearly all websites, it is vital the content on the page isn’t too cluttered and is easy to read. Remember, online visitors have short attention spans, so you need to quickly grab their attention with a great headline, or use bullet points so they can easily take in the message you are trying to get across.

3. What images will you use?

Images can be a great tool in grabbing your website visitors’ attention. It is important to use clear and high quality images that look professional. If you don’t have any on file, consider purchasing them from stock image sites, as they will really improve the look of your site and make it much more professional than amateur photography would.

4. Will your website be mobile friendly?

These days, most people look at web pages through a variety of devices, from computer screens to mobile phones. If your website is not compatible for mobile with a responsive layout (meaning it automatically changes its size, depending on the screen) then you will miss out on a huge audience. Ensure the website design you choose for your new website is mobile friendly from the start.

5. Is your font easy to read?

It might be tempting to choose a fancy font for your new website but it most cases, the simpler, the better. You want your customers to be able to easily read what you publish on your new site, after all!

We hope these tips will help you to get your new website’s web design in Canberra off the ground.

Insider's knowledge

Being fenced in by your own website

See the bigger picture, work outside the box.


There was a true story told on TV a while back about a farmer in the Midwest of America. He decided that he needed to build a fenced compound to corral his cattle when necessary. He drove his truck to the chosen spot, and spent the whole day carefully constructing the fence. It only had a small entrance and exit to help deal with the cattle one at a time. At the end of the day, he took a break and examined his superb new fence. That was when he discovered he'd built it around his truck!

You might wonder what this has to do with effective web design for your Canberra area business. The truth is that it proves how difficult it can be to see the bigger picture when working inside a company. If you were to write all your own web content, there is a real danger that it would be at your level of expertise, rather than that of your potential customers. This might be through the inadvertent use of too much jargon - the insider language and verbal shortcuts that every business employs.

It's also possible that, from inside the business, it can be difficult to appreciate the journey a stranger has to make through your website to the point of taking action. Just like driving to a well-known destination, you may end up taking shortcuts that someone new to the area simply wouldn't know about.

The third problem of insider working in web creation is that you can end up telling the world what you think they'd like to know; or worse, what you most want to tell them. You are rightly proud of your products or services. This can make it so easy to forget that new visitors to your website are there for their own needs and wants.

Identifying these people and their key reasons, clearly attracting them through proven SEO techniques, and then providing the content that tells them what they want to know and the action to take means it's vital to have an outsider's eye rather than simply an insider's knowledge.

If you'd like to talk to our helpful and professional team here at Canberra Web about the needs of your business website, please talk to us now on (02) 6223 2222.

Canberra Search Engine Optimisation

3 Steps to better SEO and content

3 Steps to make your website count in Canberra and beyond! 

seo canberra

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a big part of what we do here at CanberraWeb. So we thought we would take a moment to outline the broad strokes of how to achieve better rankings on search engines, and appear higher on the lists, becoming more likely to be visited.

Step 1: Create trusted material

With Google's updates to their algorithms, the importance of trust cannot be understated. To improve how trusted your site is, develop content that is relevant to your site's purpose, and embed links naturally and when necessary, as any excessive or unnatural links will be picked up and punished by Penguin. Focus on what you want to share with your reader, rather than on collecting more views.

Step 2: Create unique material

You have something to share that is valuable and unique. If you want to draw positive attention from web browsers and the good graces of Panda and Penguin, rely on your knowledge and skills. Rather than using unnatural links, keywords and duplicated text from your own site or other sites, be original.

Step 3: Create quality material

Quality over quantity in all things. Though Panda assesses hundreds of factors, its primary purpose is to establish a sense of the quality of your site. How it judges this is up to debate, but it is generally accepted that it looks down on excessive keywords and anchor text (words with a hyperlink attached), and large numbers of pages with thin content rather than in-depth material. Try to focus your web pages on sharing valuable information with your viewers. Hold their attention with the quality of your work. If you do, you will get them coming back for more and they will naturally link to your site, creating more trust in your website as a result. More quality leads to more trust, which leads to more views!

If this article has helped, or if you have any questions, contact us or leave a comment.

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