Why you shouldn’t use a free online website builder

Why you shouldn’t use a free online website builder It might be tempting to use free website builders like WIX and Weebly. They’re cheap and they seem so simple for you to put a website together – what could go wrong?

But like with anything, you get what you pay for, and your website is no different.

If you decide to go with the cheapest or free option, you might regret it later.

Free website builders aren’t great for SEO

Many of the free website builders out there aren’t search engine optimised. This means when you build your site, it will be a struggle for it to rank highly in Google searches. And this could spell disaster for your business.

The structure and code of a website affect how SEO-friendly it is, and these free websites aren’t very SEO friendly at all. Some of them are built completely in Flash, which certainly isn’t Google-friendly.

Unfortunately, you don’t have code control when you use these free websites, so you can’t even change the coding if you wanted to.

Mostly one-page websites

Another element for websites which rank poorly is when they have just one page.

Google loves websites with multiple pages, as these are seen to be more informative, and yet many of the free website builders only feature one page.

This can be very limiting, not simply for your online presence but also for your business.

A website that’s lacking structure

Another issue with these small websites is that they often don’t have a beneficial website structure. And it is this structure which is very important for SEO.

For example, if your website is organised in a detailed way, it will have a hierarchy, and this is something that search engines like Google love.

This means a blog post might have a hierarchy such as www.examplewebsite.com/blog/free-website-builder

Google loves these URLs as it helps them to pinpoint content on the web, meaning it can find your content. If your website isn’t full of these kinds of links, then Google won’t look favourably on you.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should avoid online free website builders.

If you’re looking for a new website, why not go with a Wordpress design Canberra-based business such as Canberra Web? We can help! Get in touch today for more information.

Why website clutter is bad for business

Having a website is paramount to running a business. However, just having a site alone doesn't mean your business will grow and thrive. Having a bad website can be worse than having no website at all, as it can confuse and drive away your potential clients. One of the worst aspects of bad web design is clutter.

Why website clutter is bad for businessWhat exactly is clutter?

We define this as:

- Too much, or too wordy content.
- Too many images.
- Too much browsing choice in the form of buttons and tabs.
- Poor and crowded layout.

Is it worth investing in decluttering?

If you are taking a look at your cluttered site and wondering whether it really is worth investing in an upgrade, we can guarantee you that it is.

Here's why:

Cluttered sites lead to fast click away rates

Today, people are time poor. If your potential clients have landed on your website, there is a good chance they already know what information they're looking for, and if they can't find it quickly, they will move on to the next company on their list. You really only have a few seconds to grab someone's attention, and if they are feeling overwhelmed by images and information they won't stay. Cluttered sites take more time to navigate because the eye is confused, and there is a direct correlation between too much clutter on a site, and how quickly someone will leave the site.

Our brains crave order

There is a reason why sleek and simple designs with lots of white space are effective. The best websites have short and informative pieces of information alongside arresting photos and compelling calls to action. Sites that are overcrowded look less credible. This is because our brains want order and simplicity so they can quickly process information, and we tend not to trust sites that violate this rule.

Your website is directly impacting your bottom line

Even if you don't sell products directly through your website, your potential clients might navigate there to find your contact information or important details about your services. If they leave before you connect with them, this is eating into your profits.

Clearly, a cluttered website is costing you in fundamental ways, so talk to the web design Canberra experts at Canberra Web about an update today!

Why your WordPress website content needs to be fresh

Why your WordPress website content needs to be freshJust how often do you update your website content? Is it once a month? Once a year? Once in… a blue moon? Whatever your frequency, there’s a reason why websites need not only good design but great content. Aside from increasing your client conversion rate, delighting your audience with your witty words and entertaining your email subscribers with relevant news and blog posts – ensuring you continually update your website content lets Google know that your website is well and truly alive and kicking.

Adding and updating quality, engaging content to your website on a frequent basis means that you utilise more keywords, attract more search engine crawlers, increase your online authority and presence and provide your readers something of value. Google considers many factors when it comes to website ranking, but the freshness of a website is absolutely one of them. While updating your website content does not necessarily skyrocket you to the top of Google's results – it is definitely a practice you should get in the habit of doing if you want your website to be as effective as it can be. Here’s the top benefits of keeping your website content fresh:

1) Fresh content equals higher rankings

Frequently updating your website with new web pages, articles and downloads makes the search engines stop and take notice of your website. Based on the quality of your content, you have the opportunity to achieve higher rankings when the search engines crawl your site more frequently.

2) More quality content equals better, high ranking keywords

Publishing fresh content allows the opportunity to publish newer, high ranking keywords that will help your site rank higher in Google. Optimising your articles with the most relevant keywords also drives your traffic and attracts more visitors to your site when they search for services using the selected keyword. Use meta-tags, titles and descriptions, and include your keywords to optimise your content, but don’t forget to write the article naturally and not stuff keywords if you want to rank favourably.

3) Increase your authority

The more valuable and authoritative content you can publish on your website, the more valuable and recognised your business becomes in the eyes of the beholder. When people search for your services, you have a better chance to be viewed as a reliable and trusted expert in your specific niche. When you constantly produce quality content, your customers will become loyal followers – which is ultimately what a business should always strive to achieve.

Three great reasons to keep your content fresh!

You can have a website with a great design, but without great content it can become an epic fail. By combining design with quality content, you provide your website with the best possible chance of rising through the ranks and becoming noticed by potential customers.

Don’t get lost in the crowd. For more information on what fresh content can do for your WordPress design Canberra, give the expert team at Canberra Web a contact today.

Need web hosting? Here are 5 important features a great web host should provide

Need web hosting?You may have some ideas for your established website which will improve its look or functionality, or perhaps you’re just starting out and you have some great ideas for a new website; but have you considered that those brilliant ideas can become a major challenge without the expertise and understanding required of how web hosting and web hosting companies work?

With that in mind, here are 5 important features that a great web hosting company should provide.

PHP script

In simple terms, this is the script used to develop both static and dynamic websites. Given that this is the most popular website script currently on the market, it’s not surprising that most web hosting companies will offer this.

SQL script hosting

Not sure what this is? SQL is used to communicate with a database, and because it's needed to update data, or retrieve data from a database, it’s essential that the web hosting company you choose can provide SQL script hosting.

Additional domain names

If in the future, you’d like to have additional websites as your original site grows and expands, it’s important that you ensure any prospective web hosting company can provide multiple domain names to web hosting accounts.

CGI scripting

Although this is the PHP script of the past, CGI scripting is still necessary at this time when it comes to successful web hosting. Although many web hosting companies offer CGI as their default script, it's always better to select a company that offers both CGI and PHP scripts until CGI eventually becomes obsolete.

Monitoring tools

There’s no point in having a fantastic looking website if you can’t access statistics and monitor the performance of your business. Monitoring tools are critical to the growth of your business as they will enable you to quickly identify any areas that need improvement, and most professional web hosting companies will offer some form of monitoring tools.

Your website can not only look amazing but will function perfectly by simply contacting an expert in web hosting Canberra businesses can rely on.

Canberra Web is your local web hosting company who not only host but design, build and maintain superior websites. So, while Canberra Web’s expert team provide you with the highest level of service, you can focus on managing your business. But best of all, this premium service is available at an affordable price; what more could you ask for?

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