3 reasons a WIX website is wrong for your business

3 reasons a WIX website is wrong for your businessWhen you are thinking about web design for your Canberra business it is tempting to take it into your own hands. Your business is your baby. You’re the one who’s been there from the beginning, you’ve been doing everything from answering the phones to processing the accounts from day one. Why shouldn’t you use a free website builder like WIX?

Well, there are so many reasons. Most important to remember is that you get what you pay for. So, what are you getting when you don’t pay? Here are the top three reasons you shouldn’t use WIX for your business website:

1 – WIX is free and easy

Now, these might sound like good things. But free and easy are not what you should be looking for in a website. WIX doesn’t know what your customers want, or what Google is looking for either.

WIX makes it easy to gloss over important website elements such as search engine optimisation. Google is interested in your page titles, your content and the structure of your site. WIX doesn’t tell you any of this nor makes it easy to edit the way Google sees (and therefore ranks) these parts of your website.

2 – Web design with Canberra Web will evolve and grow

Building a website isn’t supposed to be easy. Forget what WIX is telling you. Website building, digital marketing and website design are complex areas. They are also changing and evolving all the time. The way people use the internet changes over time. The way Google sorts and ranks content on the web changes daily.

Therefore, you need to work with a web design Canberra based business who can help you build an integrated and high performing site for today and one which will take your business into the future. Your relationship with your website builder should be an ongoing one. As your products change and your customers change so too should your website. A high-quality full-service web site builder like Canberra Web will also be monitoring how your website is ranking and how it’s being used. This allows them to make continuous adjustments to keep you at the top of your game, and your website at the top of search engine results.

3 – WIX isn’t a free website building platform

A WIX website is only free if you are happy to have their banner ad at the top of every page of your site. This takes up valuable space at the top of your web page which could be being used to promote your business and complement your branding. It also tells every visitor that you have scrimped on your website build and design. So where else are you cutting corners in your business?

The only way to get rid of the WIX banner ads is to sign up for a monthly payment plan. You also can’t add Google Analytics to a free WIX website. So something that seemed like a free and easy option isn’t free at all.

The importance of keeping your website updated

The importance of keeping your website updatedOnce you have built and designed a beautiful website for your business, you can sit back and relax, right? Wrong.

In order to drive the kind of traffic and revenue your business needs, you will need to conduct regular maintenance checks on your website. Indeed, the digital world is not static, and altering your site to keep up with the latest trends and purge any outdated content is an essential element of any good digital marketing strategy. If you need any more convincing, here are a few reasons why website maintenance is important:

It encourages customers to make return visits

Regularly updating certain areas of your website such as a blog page or special offer section will keep customers coming back for more, and will help you to establish a loyal base. What’s more, updated site pages will provide you with fresh content to post across your social media channels. This is a great way to attract potential new clients.

It can boost your SEO efforts

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can be tricky. However, one of the best and most simple ways to push your website up the rankings is to update it on a regular basis, as search engine algorithms love new content. New blog posts and articles also give you the opportunity to include some specially-selected keywords to ensure that potential customers are able to reach your site.

It can help keep your website secure

Any business using a content management system or web-based software must ensure that it is regularly updated with the latest bug fixes and security patches. Indeed, it is common for hackers to break into the sites of vulnerable companies and upload malware in order to exploit their unsuspecting victims.

Outdated software represents an easy target for hackers, so it is important not to fall behind on upgrading your security software. As well as putting customers at risk, failure to stay secure can prompt Google to delist your site until you address the problem.

Get in touch with Canberra Web for all your website needs

Whatever sector your company operates within, keeping your website up-to-date is a vital part of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. If you need help with web design Canberra wide, as well as hosting and maintenance, don’t hesitate to give Canberra Web a call today.

4 Times Stock Images Are the Right Thing for Your Website

4 Times Stock Images Are the Right Thing for Your WebsiteOur world is becoming more visual by the day as more images are shared, messages are quickly conveyed, and a brand story is told. When Canberra Web is designing or updating your website, we will spend as much time consulting with you about the imagery of your site as we will about the text and the build.

Unfortunately, high-quality photos for your website can be as expensive as they are important. Luckily your digital marketing experts right here in Canberra are going to share four ways you can save your web design dollars and visually promote your brand, with stock images:

1) When They Don’t Have People in Them

We’ve all seen those cheesy corporate stock photos of a group of people in a bland office posing unnaturally. These photos can be spotted a mile away as stock images and they are the reason stock photography has a poor reputation. Don’t take the risk of trying to pass off a stock image as your team, when your ‘team’ could already be appearing on someone else’s website.

2) When They Don’t Have Your Products in Them

Just as the value of your team is found in the unique individuals you have curated for your business, your product or service is just as unique to your brand. Therefore, don’t try and pass off a stock image as your own product, you’ll lose your unique selling position, and only you can convey your product or service.

3) When They’re There for a Reason

Yes, images are a valuable storytelling tool, but choosing a stock image just because you’re short of images for your website is not going to help you market your brand. Make sure the stock images you choose are relevant to the story you’re telling on that page. Plus, while you’re searching free stock image sites, keep an eye out for photos which feature your corporate colours to tie everything together.

4) When They are Customised

That brings us to the best way you can use stock images to your advantage in website design, through customisation. Don’t be afraid to crop or Photoshop a stock image to make it more focussed and relevant to your brand. Overlay text on a stock image to make your content more visually appealing and connect the dots for your readers about why the image is there.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the task of choosing images for your website design. For web design Canberra businesses can rely on, contact the experts at Canberra Web.

Building an online shop? Read this first

Building an online shop? Read this firstIf you are planning to sell products online – whether it’s your homemade wares, products you’ve imported from overseas, or items from a local supplier, it pays to do your research and choose an online shop service that suits your needs.

Why you should avoid the freebies

If your online shop design is free, there’s a chance it isn’t that great. As usual, you get what you pay for, and there is normally a reason it’s free – it’s because the quality isn’t as good as the paid versions.

Free online shops might seem convenient but you have little control in the running of your website.

Things like the security of your storefront and the construction of your website are all under the control of the website builder, which can cause you hassles further down the line.

Freebies come with a catch

The problem with using free websites is that they have downsides for the free price tag. These downsides include displaying their ads on your website. Even some of the low-cost paid versions of some shopping sites still feature ads.

Not great for SEO

Free online shop fronts, such as WIX, also aren't a great website option if you want users to find your store – they aren’t optimised for search well and so your business could get lost in the online noise.

Design options are limited

Because you don’t have control over the HTML on your WIX website, your design options are limited too. You also can’t link apps and plugins to the site, like you can with other better website building options.

Why other options are better

If you decide to go with websites such as WordPress, which you can host yourself, you will have much more control over your storefront. This control includes being able to dictate the HTML code that is used to create your shop front. The free sites like WIX don’t give you these options.

So if you want to remain in control of your online shop, it’s best to go with options such as WordPress and Joomla to build your site. We find these website building options are great for keeping a corporate blog too, as all the blog functions are already built into the structure of the websites.

Shop fronts that work well

We build lots of online shops using Magento, Open Cart, Mojo Shop and Woo Commerce because we find these companies give us the most options we need for shop front creation.

Are you looking to build an online shop? Then get in contact with our friendly staff today and we will show you how we can assist with your WordPress design in Canberra.

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