Are you offering a complete online shopping experience?

41342281135 fb5b06c250Imagine you enter a bricks and mortar store. You find it difficult to navigate your way around it, and you can't find the product you are looking for. The staff aren't helpful, and the whole place looks a little shabby and out-of-date. So, not a great experience, not one you want to repeat, one you might talk disparagingly about to others.

How does this relate to your online presence?

The same frustrations described above can occur for visitors to an online eCommerce store. Yet, each can quickly be dealt with. Effective signposting and navigation is a basic requirement, but a danger is it can only be constructed by insiders who already know their way around, resulting in a less than intuitive design.

This is like asking for directions in a strange town from a local who starts describing a shortcut they take. You end up forgetting the number of lefts and misidentifying a building only to end up in the middle of nowhere!

Specific landing pages and clearly labelled menus act as clear direction-providers for arriving customers.

Allowing visitors to find their product with helpful staff

Back in that physical store, you might try and seek out a staff member and hope they can help. It should be easier online. A simple chat box can help a prospective customer gain instant communication for an answer to a query or get help in locating an item. Alternatively, an invitation to tweet or email should always offer as swift a response as possible.

When a product is out-of-stock

This is frustrating, especially when that is the extent of the message. How many customers are going to bother to come back and check on a regular basis? Offer either a process for them to be contacted when the replacement stock does arrive, or perhaps a message indicating: 'Sorry this is out-of-stock at the moment; a delivery is due within 48 hours'. This would at least encourage a return visit.

Is your eCommerce store a 'Ready for 2019' version?

In other words, does it look as if it is of the year ahead, rather than appearing to still be in the past? Are all out-of-date messages removed, is it fully responsive for all devices that customers are now using to access it?

No more than a snapshot

The above is simply a quick look at some of the common reasons why an ecommerce store might not be as productive as it should be. For effective web design, Canberra Web works with our customers to optimise SEO as we craft Wordpress and Joomla websites, and create Magento, Mojo Shop, Open Cart and Woo Commerce shops. We work to avoid the pitfalls mentioned previously, and deliver truly responsive online shopping experiences. How valuable would that be for your business?

3 vital things an eCommerce platform must include

10873901266 86266d2b6fAs the digital evolution is disrupting the ‘high-street’ retail model, more and more businesses in Canberra are finding the need to move their commerce platforms online. The rush to evolve and innovate is leading to errors in web design and eCommerce platform structures that Canberra businesses are struggling to rectify, costing them customers.

When moving a business online, a business in Canberra first needs to identify the best web design that Canberra has to offer, then utilise that company with a large focus on the most vital aspect of their website – their online store. The online store should be the most important aspect of a website build for any company. In order to enhance the chances of consumers clicking through the website and purchasing from you, there are several vital things your online store must include:

1. Icons

Social media use is rapidly expanding on a global scale. With so many consumers currently online and connected through social channels, it is vital that it is easy for them to follow the business. Using snappy and engaging posts that contain a direct link between social media channels and the target audience, to the online store, is the best method to drive consumers directly to the end goal – making a purchase in the online store.

2. Terms and conditions

Even though the digital world moves so fast, people still want to know their rights, and they want to see them documented in written form. Things like return policies, conditions of purchase or service rules should all be linked and easy to find a link to on the online store. Formal documentation increases consumer trust and loyalty.

3. Rates and shipping

No-one likes to think that they are making a quick ‘bargain’ purchase, filling in all the mandatory details for the sale, then realise after completing all the steps that there are additional charges. Shipping rates, taxes and any additional charges should all be included in the initial purchase screen, so your customer knows exactly what they are expected to pay. This will further increase brand loyalty and promote the business in a transparent and favourable light.

Canberra Web are renowned for their web and eCommerce platform builds, which have been helping businesses located in Canberra increase their online sales. Expert and savvy, Canberra Web use Joomla and WordPress designs to increase consumer experience and encourage positive and loyal reflections of the brand or business.

Why professional websites have two servers

23881364518 2904efb48cCanberra's web hosting professionals use many methods to ensure your website runs smoothly and remains immune to crashes. Maintenance, backup, and outside threats affect websites daily and become costly to businesses offering services and information online. Canberra Web offers face-to-face consultations with specialists on how your business can stay online without any trouble. Located only 10 kilometres from Canberra CBD, Canberra Web offers a range of web hosting, design and content services.

Servers shouldn’t run at max capacity

Like all machines, servers need maintenance too. While they can run at full capacity, they are still susceptible to interference and crashes. This is why optimal web hosting services always run two servers and never one, as it lets both servers handle tasks and assist each other in providing quality, error-free web hosting and optimal customer experience for Canberra residents and businesses.

They can call for backup

Although professional web hosting services in Canberra use quality, state-of-the-art servers, even the best can crash at times. This is because servers require backups, maintenance and may be attacked by hackers and malicious software. Extra backup allows error-free web hosting services that businesses can rely on, allowing each server the support to perform maintenance and backup without losing full operation of their website.

It’s what the big websites do

Large web hosting services run multiple servers instead of putting all their power into one single server. This ensures reliability and performance without the chance of mishaps and going offline. And while upgrades are still possible while running multiple servers (scaling vertically), adding more servers (scaling horizontally) is the preferred method used by professionals to ensure quality and reliability.

Leave it to the professionals

Businesses around Canberra hosting their websites on two servers allows peace of mind with weekly backups so no information is lost, disruption-free hosting and protection against viruses, hackers and hardware failure. Let Canberra Web handle your web hosting and other online needs with a 99.9% guarantee on uptime, free setup and software, two separate servers with every package, unlimited bandwidth and ultimate protection on your investment- only 10 km from Canberra CBD. For web hosting Canberra residents can rely on, you've come to the right place.

What sets WordPress websites apart?

39726361100 faf3bdf61eGreat websites don’t happen by accident. If you look at the mechanics behind the better websites out there today, you’ll quickly discover that many of them are designed using WordPress. This is the website creation tool of the moment. According to web technology data, upwards of 27% of the web is powered by WordPress. That’s phenomenal!

Who’s using WordPress?

WordPress can shamelessly drop some impressive names. It’s behind many major online news sites, celebrity blogs and company websites. Some famous names include Vogue, Beyoncé, Usain Bolt and Mercedes Benz.

Why do so many people choose WordPress?

There are good reasons as to why WordPress is so popular. It has thousands of free themes – the theme is a kind of packaging that determines the look and feel of your website. WordPress also has thousands of free plugins which allow web builders to add features and functionality. Typical plugins range from spam filters to online stores to statistics data - and far beyond.

Paid themes and plugins are also an option. Again, the array and number of these is bewildering. The advantage of such massive choice is that it gives website designers the freedom to truly customise the websites they create.

Why you need an expert

Because of the staggering range of design options on WordPress, you really need experience and skill to create an intelligent, quality website; one that’s a perfect fit for your business. In the hands of an expert, this can easily be done.

When you enlist the services of a professional website design company, their staff will sit down with you to help define your personal online needs. They will then convert your needs into a quality website. They also have expertise in search engine optimisation so that your target audience can find you online. It’s no use having a stunning website if your name doesn’t come up in search enquiries.

Web design Canberra

Even if WordPress websites are a global force, it makes good sense to work with a web design team that is geographically close to your business. For the best web design Canberra has to offer, choose Canberra Web. We don't just build local websites, we also maintain and update them. We guarantee that your site will evolve and grow with your business.

For a friendly, efficient and cost-effective response to your website requirements, contact Canberra Web today.

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