Why a DIY website may not be everything you need

14372101880 d382f2e538With an increase in advertisements for DIY website construction, it might be tempting to launch into the process devoid of realistic expectations and the alternative options. You see the term DIY and you automatically believe you are capable of creating a website with no real effort at all.

Claims of sites being constructed in minutes and with the simple click of a mouse producing visually impressive websites that contain all of the features required are generally unrealistic. They, in fact, paint quite a false picture of the complexity and intricacies that lie behind the construction of a professional and polished website that will attract business and connect with potential clients.

Professional, experienced designers

Engaging a professional Canberra based team to design, build and construct your site might be a more prudent and profitable step in the long-term. Canberra Web design, build and maintain websites in WordPress and Joomla, proven platforms when it comes to building functional sites that work easily for the administrator and the client.

From the early stages of graphic design and app development through to the actual hosting of the site, Canberra Web can oversee the process with a professionalism and attention to detail unrivalled in the Canberra region. Just 10 minutes outside the CBD and with a real face in the digital community, Canberra web design and hosting has never been so accessible, affordable and professional. They can even construct an online shop if your site demands it.

Parlaying the appearance and content of the site into actual clients, interest and profitability is also handled by the team with an impressive array of digital marketing strategies that enable maximum exposure. Optimising the site to ensure it is clearly visible on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other key players in the market, is a step missed by many in the DIY construction of a website.

When Canberra Web's strategies are combined with the appearance, performance and ease of access to the content and information on the site, it is easy to see why a quick DIY website fix might have its limitations.

Get in touch

Canberra Web can build a website that will grow with your business as it evolves; remaining current and functional no matter what changes occur within the industry. Contact us today for more details.

eCommerce SEO: the importance of hiring a web developer

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Ensuring good quality SEO across your eCommerce store is important in helping you to drive quality traffic and to increase your store’s sales. However, eCommerce SEO is by no means simple. In fact, one of the most crucial elements of the puzzle is having a store that is fully SEO-friendly from the ground up. So, if you’re in the process of looking to get a store built, here are the four top ways in which a web developer is your best choice for building it.

1. Ensuring an SEO-friendly architecture

When you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of products, you can't just go ahead and add them all in and then deal with organising them afterwards. Instead, a web developer can ensure your site has an architecture that is fully scalable and allows you to quickly and easily add new products. More importantly, your site will be easily crawlable by Google bots who need to rank the content.

2. A focus on keyword optimisation

Keyword optimisation is what helps your store to rank for product searches similar to what you stock. This will be a key element in your ongoing eCommerce SEO efforts but is very important from the start. Any good eCommerce developer who understands SEO will be able to assist you in including keywords in important pages and organising your content accordingly.

3. A mobile-friendly solution

One of the biggest Google ranking factors these days is how mobile-friendly your store is. More searches begin on mobile devices than on desktop, so any successful eCommerce store needs to be fully responsive across all devices. An experienced developer can help you achieve exactly this.

4. Helping to minimise file sizes

With so many products to include and lots of multimedia, it’s easy for your pages to become very large and slow to load. Properly minimising file sizes is crucial in eCommerce SEO success. Nobody wants to wait around for slow product pages to load and Google picks up on this when deciding where to rank content.

Essentially, by hiring a professional web developer to build your eCommerce store, you can ensure that your site has a strong SEO-ready foundation from which you can build on. That’s where Canberra Web comes in. Our design agency has spent years building custom eCommerce solutions for companies across all industries. By working with Magento, WooCommerce, Opencart and Mojo Shop, we can ensure all of our solutions are 100% bespoke and SEO friendly from the start. To find out more about our web design Canberra service, contact our friendly team today.

Why you should use WordPress for your website

4290590954 d48d71e39aWordPress powers almost 27% of the internet. For a CMS that started as a humble blogging platform, that's pretty impressive. When it comes to WordPress design, CanberraWeb is well-versed in the workings and the benefits of this CMS.

Here are a few reasons why you should be using WordPress for your website.


WordPress is open source software, which means it has thousands of developers contributing code in the form of plugins and extensions. The sheer number of supported plugins makes WordPress one of the most versatile CMSs on the market.

Because the majority of WordPress's extra functionality is added as plugins, WordPress is also a lot leaner than other systems that often include all potential functionality as standard.

Ease of use

WordPress is one of the easiest CMSs on the market to use. This is because its admin interface is designed with users in mind. From its inception in 2003, <a href="https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/the-evolution-of-ui-vs-ux-in-wordpress-web-design">WordPress's interface updates</a> have consistently moved toward a more friendly and intuitive user experience.

What does that mean for you in 2018? A beautifully designed and easily navigated admin interface that will have you updating your content with very little training necessary.

Update from anywhere

WordPress is browser based which means you can update your content or post a blog from any computer with an Internet connection. With the majority of us accessing the Internet on multiple platforms, this feature is more important than ever.

WordPress also has both an Android and iOS app which means you can update your website on the go.

Scale your website with your business

WordPress scales incredibly well. This means you can build your small, starter website in WordPress and rest assured that you can stick with the platform as your business (and your website) grows.

Even if your functionality needs change as your business does, you can add to WordPress' existing functionality with plugins as required.

Get set up with our WordPress design Canberra service

WordPress is versatile and user-friendly with as many (or as few) features as you need. As CMSs go, it's one of the best tools on the market today.

Looking for a WordPress design Canberra specialist? We're a local team of web gurus with a lot of experience building beautiful websites in WordPress. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

The 4 major benefits to a new website

29304887156 6d64b56e44The most common reason that businesses do not carry out new web design in Canberra is because of a belief that their website is fine as it is. The mentality of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' often rules over common sense with website management, but this attitude could be costing you business. Your website may tell people what your business does and how to contact you, but is it really generating new leads and ensuring that you are converting customers? Here we explore the four major benefits to new web design in Canberra.

1 - Improving bounce rates

The bounce rate for a website relates to the number of people who click immediately away from the website once they arrive there. Bounce rates are typically higher for older websites because they are less attractive and information tends to be less clear. With a new and neat website design you can reduce bounce rates and retain a greater number of potential customers.

2 - Responsive

New websites are also capable of being responsive, meaning that they are able to adjust themselves to the platform or device that the user is using to access them. Millions now won't even bother with an unresponsive website and will simply click away.

3 - Reviewing statistics

With new web design platforms such as Joomla, Woo commerce and WordPress it is easy to integrate data capture that will allow you to gain greater insight into your websites. WordPress web design in Canberra will provide you with statistics that can tell you a great deal more about your customers, where they are arriving from and how they behave on your website. Armed with this information you will be able to tailor your offerings for an increased rate of conversion.

4 - Search Engine Optimisation

New websites will also be built around keywords that customers are likely to search for. This means that your ranking in Google and other search engines will be improved and your website will be easier to find. By optimising your website for search you will be able to increase your profile and generate more business for your company.

Carrying out web design in Canberra will offer you a more up to date platform that is more likely to engage customers. For many the process can greatly increase trade and offer greater income for the business too.

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