The importance of effective landing pages in your web design

30533441511 2258de4a2aEveryone understands that the final step after getting people to your website is to convert them, but far too few people are using landing pages properly to achieve this. 44% of clicks for B2B companies go directly to the homepage of the website instead of landing pages ( Your website homepage may be optimised for an organic visitor but it certainly isn't the right follow on from an advert. Here we explore the importance of landing pages and why you should use them.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page that will allow you to capture the imagination of a visitor. Good landing pages will target a specific audience and will encourage this person to engage in a particular way. This may be by buying, downloading or subscribing.

How do they work?

Landing pages offer a direct route from a call to action to interaction, creating a genuine and valuable lead for your business. What a landing page does differently is that it offers your potential customer a direct route to follow. Instead of advertising one service and then taking a customer to your homepage where they can choose from a range of services, landing pages take them directly to a point of engagement with your company. Whether or not this is to sign up for a consultation or find out more, it completes the journey for the client so that they don't have to click again. This will reduce bounce rates dramatically and hugely increase interactions.

Why you need to start using them today

These simple reasons should make it clear that you should start making better use of landing pages today:

1. Generate leads easily - Landing pages can dramatically improve your lead generation by increasing your ability to convert customers.
2. Give offers a home - Offers can sit comfortably on landing pages where they are not commonly accessible. This saves you from the trap of discounting custom that was yours anyway.
3. Collect information - Landing pages allow you to start a conversation and learn more about visitors. Doing so will help you to develop your marketing strategy.
4. Understand prospect engagement - Landing pages allow you to track conversions so you can rate visitors by value and hone your marketing more effectively.
5. Fuel other channels - Landing pages can provide you with fuel for other marketing channels, giving you something to promote and drive customers towards.

Building websites: Why hire an expert?

30520590986 fb433b0294The internet has seen a surge of DIY website builders. They're easy, cost-effective and look great, right? Here are some crucial things to consider about the benefit of hiring an expert before deciding to go DIY.

1. Targeted and unique website

DIY websites are often not the most effective when ensuring that your website is distinctive and tailored to your demographic. When using website builders like Wix, you’ll be limited to what the website offers you. This means that DIY websites are often identifiable as they look similar to all the other DIY websites out there. Hiring an expert means that you’ll get a fully customised website that is built specifically according to your vision and needs.

2. Professional results

Hiring professionals will give you a professional result. Expert web designers are able to ensure that your website is sleek, user-friendly and easy to navigate. Dedicated content creators make sure that the information on your website is informative, engaging and right to the point so that visitors to your website get exactly they came for. Professional web designers can ensure that the security of your website is up to scratch and responsive on any device and interface. All the nuances first-time web builders may not consider will be covered by an expert.

3. Worry-free experience

Hiring an expert saves you significant time and labour in having to design a website on your own. However, you may not have considered the continual time that is often spent on improving and correcting DIY websites as they often aren’t developed to the same standard of a professionally built website. Many people find that their websites may not function quite as they were hoping, and end up having to hire an expert, resulting in a more expensive and time-consuming experience.

What can we offer?

Canberra Web is a dynamic, specialised, and knowledgeable team of Canberra based web designers who build and maintain quality websites. We can handle all your website needs including the development, graphic design, content creation, SEO and web hosting Canberra wide. Contact us today on 02 6223 2222 or 04 1463 1463.

Why your website is more important than your social media accounts

30468981941 632f221392Are you still thinking about building a website for your product? Do you think your social media accounts are good enough to establish your identity?

Well, the best solution is to create a website, which would represent your organisation's ideas and values. Think about a situation where your customer asks about your website, and all you have is your overloaded Facebook page. This might sound harmless, but having a website can assure you these three benefits:

1. Freedom of control

Owning a website is like managing an organisation in itself. All your professional achievements, technical information, product-related discussion, answers to the general queries, and other important information will be housed in one location that's under your control. Your social media pages, such as your organisation's Facebook page, on the other hand, will be at the mercy of Facebook algorithms. Your Facebook content would persistently face risks of being hidden or not generating enough traffic. Not to mention that it simply isn't comprehensive enough to communicate your business in detail, or widely accessible to all internet users.

2. Playing smart, not hard

Creating a website is NOT a big deal. Are you aware that WordPress is one of the most user-friendly content management systems, and you can have a domain of your own with no more than AUD $50 per month? We provide you plenty of solutions to assist you in incubating your product's identity through a website, and WordPress design is one of them. Instead of constantly spending on Facebook page promotions, try boosting your site's ranking with SEO content.

3. Time and resource management

Instead of constantly answering the same question posed by different people on your social media, your website can handle your pressures and collate your customer enquiries in one place. Social media channels are "marketing tools", but each query requires a specific response and can be a drain on your resources. On the other hand, your website has the true potential to display your identity to the outside world. You have the magic wand of controlling and managing the content, and by featuring product guides, an FAQs page, and insightful blog content around your product or service, you can ensure it is the go-to hub for everything related to your business or even your wider industry. You can even install a chatbot to answer the bulk of simple queries on your behalf.

Simply said, your website denotes your official presence, and if you don't own one, you might not be highly regarded by your potential customers. Canberra Web offers you solutions and provides you with the best professional support to help you get a professional identity. Give your website a chance to prove its worth! Speak to our WordPress design Canberra team today.

What does the 'e' stand for in e-commerce?

10873901266 86266d2b6fObviously, the official answer is 'electronic'! But our web design team, based here in Canberra, reckon there are other possibilities. Here are five of them...

E for Easy

This is how customers should feel. Working their way from an initial interest to a buying action should be swift and clear; an effective e-commerce website will make the journey as painless and simple as it can be. This can range from clear explanations of the products offered through to simple descriptions of any delivery options or, occasionally, restrictions.

E for Enthusiastic

You've probably visited some real-life stores where the staff don't seem particularly interested in serving you, have little knowledge of the products on sale, and are reluctant to make the effort to convince, or even sell to, you. Some websites can also seem to suffer from the same lack of enthusiasm.

E for Engaging

When considering buying a product, whether in a physical store or online, you often have questions to be answered, worries to be dealt with, confidence in your purchase decision to be welcomed. Physically, you can ask; so when visiting an e-store, the same facility should be provided. The simple addition of an effectively managed chatbox can be the difference between a sale made or potential long-time customer lost.

E for Extras

When completing a sale in your e-store, do you offer other products that the customer might be interested in or extras that pair with the purchase being made? For example, a customer buying a lamp, even with a bulb included, might well also purchase a pack of spares to save any future hassle. This back-end or add-on sales effort can result in a healthy increase in overall takings.

E for Endgame

When the purchase is completed, e-stores don't always make the effort to show that the custom has really been valued. Consider the following: adding a genuine thank you message, with contact points for any further questions; perhaps a discount voucher code for future use; even a link where the customer might pass on the details of the product purchased to a friend they know might be interested. All of these can add value to that initial single purchase.

As WordPress and Joomla design Canberra experts, our team would welcome the chance to discuss the above, and any other elements of the creation of a truly effective e-commerce site for your business. You'll reach us here (

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