How investing in a professional web designer can save you time and money

40820058011 49d02426bbYou have an awesome idea to start an online business that can provide you with enough income to leave the daily grind and work for yourself from anywhere in the world.

Sounds easy, and it is. Thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world are successfully doing business online. They’re choosing their own hours, making good money, and living the dream.

Where do you start?

Establishing an online business starts with a website. It’s possible to start a WordPress website very cheaply and with minimal skills and expertise. You can have your website set up in under an hour.

Many people take this option because they have a limited budget and are in a hurry to get started. And many do so successfully.

For others, however, it’s a false economy. In cutting corners, costly mistakes are made. The dream becomes a nightmare. The business doesn’t take off.

What can go wrong?

Prior to the internet, anyone starting out in business would have undoubtedly undertaken considerable research and sought advice from experts before even taking the first step.

But all that has changed in the online world and for many there is now a backward approach. There is a tendency to just jump in and build an out of the box website first and then try to make it work for their business.

Why it is often cheaper to seek professional help?

You can have the best business idea in the world, but if your website is clunky, confusing and provides a very poor user experience, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Your website needs to be responsive, consistent in quality, attractive, and provide an intuitive visitor experience. It needs to attract visitors and then easily convert those visitors to buyers.

How can we help?

You are the expert in your field. We are an expert in ours. When you engage us for advice on web design, graphic design, web hosting and digital marketing, you can be assured that we don’t miss any steps.

We will work with you in creating a unique blueprint for your website that satisfies your objectives, target audience, features, keyword integration, development, testing, deployment and monitoring.

Check out our portfolio ( of customers who chose to invest in success rather than risk failure.

Strategies for integrating a brand across your website and social media

20115097622 e477b96396The internet economy has revolutionised marketing, opening up exposure to new clients and allowing round the clock business development. Nowhere is this more important than integrating digital marketing techniques across all your digital presences.

Developing multiple exposure options

The more spaces where you have a presence, the more digital exposure you have, and the more potential for generating new business. However, that doesn't mean you should just spam social media accounts across every platform. A few well-developed and maintained profiles that are engaging and clear will work much better than ten poorly executed ones.

The importance of a holistic strategy

Having multiple platforms means you need an overall strategy; they all need to be working towards a common goal. A simple example is using Twitter. Twitter allows you to publish quick, pithy messages for rapid consumption that can capture people's attention. However, there is no point using Twitter without including links or calls to action to your other platforms that have your main means of service delivery (probably your website). Otherwise, there will be no flow on effect to more clients.

For most brands, their overall digital marketing strategy is about developing more client delivery pathways. Understanding how each platform works and how to use them effectively is the key to creating a digital presence that funnels traffic from multiple platforms towards your main hub, which contains the in-depth content that will convert traffic into business.

Website design

Regardless of how good your social media work is, nothing is more important than your website. It acts as the central hub for your brand, responsible for retaining the interest of potential new customers after they have been brought there by other platforms.

Using an expert web design company with proven experience in WordPress design is the only way to guarantee your website is beautifully presented and functional. Consumers are extremely discerning about website quality, and nothing is more off-putting than a poorly designed site. Canberra Web are a local Canberra web design company with expertise and experience in website design and digital marketing strategies to give your business the boost it needs.

Disadvantages of free website builders

4389403334 03e8226ea1 oMany people aspire to start their websites, but in the hustle and excitement, they forget to carry out market research for the best web design and publishing solutions. In their quest for quick solutions to have their websites up and running, they sign up for free services, which they think are the cheapest way to have their sites built. Most of them end up using the services of free website builders like Weebly, Wix, and Yola; a decision that is marked with some disadvantages. Most of these free services are not as free as they claim, and this is how they make their money from unsuspecting web masters.


Once you choose to have these free website companies build one for you, they will place ads on your site without your control. The uncontrolled ads strip your site of its professional look, depending on the type of ads running. If you opt out of the free ads, the website builders will be willing to remove them, but at a fee hidden in the premium upgrade option.

Domain name

Once you sign up for free web design services, you also must be prepared to use their domain name within your own domain name, for example, Unfortunately, the formats will not do you any good with Google rankings, and worse still, they do not look very professional. Google does not take free sites seriously, and it might take longer to rank favourably in the search engines.

Design transferability

Once you have built your site and feel you need to take it to the next level, the bad news is that the service providers will not allow you to do so. Your site belongs to them, and for you to upgrade to your independent domain name, you will have to create one from scratch and forget about the hosted one.

A free website is not free after all; you cannot have any custom programming, host a blog, track customers, or sell products on it. To avoid all these disappointments and be the master of your own website, why not have a professional build one for you? Contact us today at Canberra Web and we will give you a favourable quote for web design in Canberra.

Consider these points before outsourcing your digital marketing work

26666518877 b52bafc03bOutsourcing is an excellent way of getting extra workload off your shoulders and having it done by a team of professionals outside your payroll. Unlike tasks like tax preparation and human resource management, marketing is more sophisticated. For that reason, you ought to be extra careful when deciding who to work with. Here are things to look out for before outsourcing your digital marketing job.

1. Reasonable pricing

Do not outsource online marketing if your firm is on an extremely tight budget because it's a recipe for disappointment. Similarly, an exorbitant price is not directly proportional to the expected level of quality. Therefore, find a service provider that is affordable and offers quality services at the same time.

2. Set clear contract terms

You could be determined to get the work started as soon as possible, but never disregard the formalities. Taking care of legal tools like a contract is essential in making sure that the task is done within expected standards. This helps to ease tension and confusion since each group will know what is required of them.

3. Cuts the labour cost

Remember what drove you to outsource was the need to cut on hiring and training costs. The initial point was to also hire a team of experts to get the job done efficiently. Do your math and make sure that outsourcing will save you money in labour expenses.

4. Helps you grow

Growth and expansion have no limits whether you are starting out or are already established in the industry. Outsourcing marketing to online professionals should help you reach out to more potential customers. Choose a company that prioritises on assisting your business to grow.

5. Offers work samples

A reliable partner should be ready to give you a variety of samples of work they have done in the past. It might be of good quality, but may not suit the style you are looking for and this could frustrate the partnership.

If you have an existing website that needs promotion, you need to take advantage of a digital marketing opportunity. Canberra Web uses its vast experience to offer you personalised digital marketing in Canberra. Call us today and we will help your business grow at affordable rates.

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