Five simple actions to make your website more responsive

14826529051 10a10e7a27Patience is a virtue. This old saying first appeared long before the digital age arrived and certainly doesn't apply to our modern world, especially if your website doesn't load swiftly after being clicked on during a search. One survey found that if, after just three seconds, a webpage wasn't in front of their eyes, just under half of potential visitors would simply click back to their search! So that's our first tip about website design Canberra businesses should consider. Here are four more...

Ensure it's optimised for all devices

A website designed for a laptop or desktop can fail to be user friendly if accessed from a mobile device or iPad. Needing to scroll excessively to read content or zoom in because the text is too small are a couple of examples of the frustrations that can soon build. The more difficult or time-consuming web browsing is, the more likely it is that potential customers will go elsewhere.

Provide clear navigation and calls-to-action

Browsers visit a website because they want to do something. This might be to buy from your online store or gain access to information about the services offered. It's vital that they can quickly find their way to where they want to be. Specific landing pages can help with this, but simple navigation is vital. When they reach their destination, a clear CTA encourages them onwards to make a purchase or contact your business.

Be careful when auto-playing multimedia presentations

You might have fallen victim to this yourself. You visit a website and start searching the content. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, there's disturbing music and annoying voices. You scrabble around the page to try and find the source and switch it off. Your concentration is affected, and the mental connection may be lost. This can even be embarrassing when it happens in public places, during meetings, or while sitting in a hushed office.

Take care when selecting photography and graphics

This is a real danger when using free website builders. Images on your site can appear on many others, even perhaps a competitor's. The limited choice that such programs offer might also mean that the options are not really pertinent to your company or organisation. The use of such graphics and images can easily diminish the uniqueness of your website in the eyes of your potential clients.

Delivering graphic design Canberra businesses appreciate

Our Canberra Web team is highly experienced in crafting effective and unique web presences; ones that really involve those viewing them, and then encourage such visitors to spend time within the site and take the action you wish them to. Find out more by contacting us now on 02 6223 2222.

Is your website, or online store, a place for strangers?

14861402624 f4f51ccfe6If you enjoy visiting galleries or museums, or browsing street markets, then you'll have your favourite places to visit. You'll also find you know how to make your way around quite easily. Now imagine how different it would be for a first-time visitor!

Your regular visitors will already be comfortable

When crafting an effective website design, Canberra businesses need to specifically consider the needs of the newcomer. This is because regulars will already know where to go, and often have a better idea of exactly what they are looking for and how to find it. This holds true even if they are seeking a product or service they have never purchased from this company before. Simply put: they know how to get it done.

Making new visitors feel welcome

Have you ever noticed, when visiting a strange town or city, how road-signs are obviously placed by people who already know where they are going? This means that a location that appears on one sign might have mysteriously disappeared when you pass the next one!

Equally, websites are designed by people who know all about the business or organisation and how it operates. This often means that key signposting, or specific information, can be inadvertently omitted. Looking at your web presence through a stranger's eyes is vital to help new users make the most of their visit - and allow you the best chance of gaining their business!

It's equally true that the language used might be that of those who have a sound knowledge of the products or services being offered. If a surgeon was describing a medical procedure you were about to undergo, you wouldn't want it to sound like a lecture from a textbook. You'd prefer to be told in simple, clear terms what was going to happen. Inadvertently, talking above the understanding level of the audience usually leads to them going elsewhere - and that's all too easy online.

Developing user-friendly websites and online stores

Our talented and experienced team can deliver the web design Canberra businesses and organisations need to appear welcoming to those vital first-timers. To talk about this key aspect, or any other areas of graphic design, please call us at Canberra Web on 02 6223 2222.

Are you instantly offering too many customer product choices?

40820058011 49d02426bConsider these two scenarios: imagine visiting a street market during your vacation, spending some relaxation time just wandering from stall to stall. You might make a few random purchases and enjoy the overall experience. Now, imagine that you are in a hurry, arrive at a large shopping mall you've never visited before, and are frustrated with the difficulty of locating the store - and the specific purchase - that you urgently need.

How is this relevant to your web design?

Businesses are eager to attract both types of visitors to their Open Cart, Mojo Shop, Magento, or Woo Commerce online site. However, we appreciate that often, there will be many searches which are simply aimed at locating a specific purchase, or products within a single range from which to choose. The 'just browsing' experience, with little time pressure, can cope with a homepage as a starting point. However, this can simply be a frustrating, even off-putting, location for those other, more-focused, visitors to reach.

Using landing pages - a more precise starting point

These are also known as 'lead capture pages' which suggests a more focused targeting process. People searching for that specific product immediately appreciate that this page is providing them with exactly what they need in the way of information. It can then move them quickly on towards that vital buying decision. Crafting a series of specific, clearly focused landing pages, is the equivalent of a well-signed bricks and mortar department store that quickly provides directions to help a variety of customers get to exactly where they wish to be.

Key elements of effective landing pages

We believe our talented team delivers the levels of responsive web design Canberra businesses should always expect. They are highly experienced at creating landing pages which make powerful use of significant product or service specific keywords and utterly relevant graphic design. This results in pages that both attract instant attention as they need to, and build relevant interest as quickly as you would want them to. Paired with a strong, clear call to action, they can then direct people through the buying process, or to other relevant locations within your eCommerce website.

How can we help you 'land' more customers?

If you feel that specifically-created lead generation landing pages would help your business to attract more potential customers, please discuss this with our experienced Canberra Web team, obligation-free of course, by calling us on 02 6223 2222 now...

5 Reasons why you should monitor your Canberra website

5143612702 93cf05e384Is it fast? Is it functioning correctly? Is my API available? These are some of the things to look out for in monitoring your website’s uptime. The slightest delay in page response can significantly reduce conversion rates. Here are five reasons why you should monitor your website.

1. For best search results ranking

Search rankings are significantly affected by both the speed and the downtime of your website. Constant downtime issues that last for a day or more can result in Google ranking you poorly in their search results. Monitoring can ensure that such problems are resolved in the shortest time possible and that you obtain the best search results ranking.

2. To keep customers happy

Happy and satisfied customers keep coming back. Web hosting in Canberra can assure high levels of uptime; so that clients with subscriptions and those that access services from your website are not disappointed. Downtime issues that remain unresolved for a prolonged period can negatively affect customer satisfaction. Remember that your competitors are just a click away.

3. To detect hackers fast

Hackers can gain unauthorised access, set up malicious codes, and derail your website’s uptime. Monitoring your website ensures that hacking is detected fast and further access is denied. The consequences of minutes of downtime can never be underestimated.

4. To protect brand image

A positive brand image is critical to the success of any business and protecting it is vital. The user experience on your website can significantly define the life or death of your brand image. The reputation of your online business can be jeopardised by frequent downtimes. Continually monitoring the website is the best way to safeguard your image and prevent potential hazards.

5. To evaluate your hosting company

Monitoring your site’s loading speed and its uptime can tell you a lot about your current hosting company. Poor infrastructure can result in downtime for unacceptable periods and may mean that it is time to search for quality web hosting in Canberra.

Canberra Web has a specialised team of web designers that build and maintain websites. We handle graphic design, web development, content creation, search engine optimisation, and web hosting. Call us today for all your website needs in Canberra.

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