How to reduce website bounce rate and boost conversions

How to reduce website bounce rate and boost conversions

The term bounce rate refers to the percentage of website visitors or users who enter a site’s homepage or single page and leave almost immediately without viewing other additional pages. Smart webmasters and site managers pay close attention to bounce rate when measuring their overall website performance. High bounce rates translate to spending less time on the website, which in turn equates to fewer conversions. Therefore, increasing the amount of time visitors spend on your website through proper optimisation and effective content marketing will ultimately reduce your bounce rate and consequently boost conversions. Here are ways and tips on how to reduce bounce rate and boost your conversion rate.

Improve content readability

Today’s internet users have a short attention span, which means they won’t waste time on websites with unreadable content when there are tons of other viable options online. Long blocks of text scare readers away, so your content should be legible in order to appeal to readers. To avoid a swift exit or bounce rate, make sure the formatting of your content is clean and standardised. Readable content contains vital elements such as short sentences and paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points, relevant links, quotes from industry experts, infographics, and a conclusion with a call to action.

Include captivating images and videos

Images are very effective for grabbing the attention of your audience. Instead of using minimalistic layouts and a white background, use captivating images on your full-screen background and landing pages. You can either buy professional photographs or utilise royalty-free images to optimise your site. Video marketing is a powerful persuasion tool. With a small budget, you can create professional videos to represent your brand or products, rather than relying on large chunks of plain text.

Improve your website speed

Website visitors make up their mind about your site within the first few seconds. Hence, you don’t want to waste these valuable seconds showing them blank loading scripts. Optimise every page on your site with tools such as Google Page Speed so as to reduce bounce rate. You should also optimise your images, improve caching, and perhaps switch to a faster and reliable hosting provider.

Create a convincing call-to-action

Attracting visitors to your site and building interest is not an easy task. So, make sure you don’t lose those valuable visitors or potential customers with a weak call-to-action. Your CTA should be so compelling that a visitor will consider subscribing, buying, or at least thinking about taking action. Every CTA optimisation element matters when creating a compelling CTA. Utilise ideas such as discounts, coupons, trial periods, and free newsletters to make your CTA even more persuasive.

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