Top 4 digital marketing tips to drive traffic to your website

44038825464 cacbbd7ddaWhy is increasing traffic to your website important?

A recent MineWhat survey found that 81% of consumers research products online before purchasing them. Since the internet is the primary research tool for consumers, as a website owner, it’s vital to direct traffic to your website.
Here are some simple digital marketing tips to reach these customers effectively and increase traffic to your website.

Aim for consistency across marketing channels

The internet allows consumers to choose which brand channel(s) they use to view your company’s message. Despite the fact that consumers may only view one or a few brand channels when researching your product, it’s essential to convey a consistent message. Brand consistency makes it easier for customers to trust and recognise your brand, ultimately leading to greater sales.

Use customer feedback to create content

Are you searching for a way to reach your customers more efficiently? Look no further than the customers themselves. Simply talk to your customers about their experiences with your brand, their frustrations and why they purchased your product.

This will aid in personalised content creation, encouraging customers to trust you and even recommend your product or service to friends and family.

Create content using keyword research

SEO is the lifeblood of a successful brand. However, many companies simply stuff their keywords into their content in an effort to rank highly on Google searches. To create content that your customers will respond to, keyword research is essential.

Keyword research shows you precisely what people are searching for and the keywords most frequently used. This way, you can identify the keywords your customers use most, and create content specifically tailored to their wants and needs.

Use email automation

So, you’ve created a personalised, impactful email campaign, but you’re struggling to get customers to respond? Email automation is an effective way to lead customers from curiosity to purchase.

Email automation allows you to reach your customers at just the right moment. For instance, if a customer looks at your pricing page then leaves the website, you can create a customised email for this precise situation. Automation ensures your customers will receive a message tailored to them, thereby increasing the likelihood of following through on a purchase.

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